edbee - Qt Editor Library
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6 #pragma once
8 #include <QObject>
10 namespace edbee {
12 class DynamicVariables;
13 class TextCodecManager;
14 class TextEditorCommandMap;
15 class TextEditorKeyMap;
16 class TextGrammarManager;
17 class TextKeyMapManager;
18 class TextScopeManager;
19 class TextThemeManager;
24 class Edbee : public QObject
25 {
27 private:
28  Edbee();
29  virtual ~Edbee();
31 public:
32  static Edbee* instance();
34  void setKeyMapPath( const QString& keyMapPath );
35  void setGrammarPath( const QString& grammarPath );
36  void setThemePath( const QString& themePath );
38  void autoInit();
40 public slots:
41  void init();
42  void shutdown();
43  void autoShutDownOnAppExit();
45 public:
58 protected:
59  bool inited_;
61  QString grammarPath_;
62  QString themePath_;
63  QString keyMapPath_;
74 };
78 } // edbee
DynamicVariables * environmentVariables()
Rreturns the dynamicvariables object.
Definition: edbee.cpp:280
The scope manager is used to manage the scopes... A scope consist out of several scope-parts: ...
Definition: textdocumentscopes.h:141
TextEditorKeyMap * defaultKeyMap()
returns the default editor keymap
Definition: edbee.cpp:222
TextEditorCommandMap * defaultCommandMap()
Returns the default editor command map. This is the default command map that&#39;s used by the editor com...
Definition: edbee.cpp:231
TextKeyMapManager * keyMapManager_
The keymap manager.
Definition: edbee.h:71
QString grammarPath_
The path were to load all grammars from.
Definition: edbee.h:61
There can be different keymaps for different file-types/ The keymap manager manages all the available...
Definition: texteditorkeymap.h:81
TextThemeManager * themeManager_
The text theme manager.
Definition: edbee.h:70
This class is used to manage load &#39;themes&#39;. This method loads only loads a theme if requested...
Definition: texttheme.h:203
This class is used for remembering/managing dynamic variables This are a kind of environment variable...
Definition: dynamicvariables.h:65
The texteditor manager, It manages all singleton objects for the editor It performs the initializatio...
Definition: edbee.h:24
static Edbee * instance()
The singleton instance getter.
Definition: edbee.cpp:56
TextCodecManager * codecManager()
Returns the codec-manager for Edbee.
Definition: edbee.cpp:238
void shutdown()
destroys the texteditor manager and all related class
Definition: edbee.cpp:206
void setGrammarPath(const QString &grammarPath)
Sets the grammar path.
Definition: edbee.cpp:73
TextEditorCommandMap * defaultCommandMap_
The default command map.
Definition: edbee.h:65
TextThemeManager * themeManager()
Returns the theme manager The theme manager is used to share themes between the different editors...
Definition: edbee.cpp:264
TextScopeManager * scopeManager_
The text-scope manager.
Definition: edbee.h:68
TextCodecManager * codecManager_
The text-editor codec manager.
Definition: edbee.h:67
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Definition: commentcommand.cpp:22
void setThemePath(const QString &themePath)
Setst the path where to find the theme files.
Definition: edbee.cpp:81
This is a texteditor map. This is used to map Command-Names to commands This class is the owner of th...
Definition: texteditorcommandmap.h:19
void setKeyMapPath(const QString &keyMapPath)
sets the path where to find the keymap files
Definition: edbee.cpp:65
QString keyMapPath_
The path to load all keymaps.
Definition: edbee.h:63
TextKeyMapManager * keyMapManager()
Returns the keymap manager.
Definition: edbee.cpp:272
TextScopeManager * scopeManager()
Returns the scope manager. The scope manager is a general class to share scope names and identifiers ...
Definition: edbee.cpp:246
A text editor key map This key map, maps key-sequences to action-names.
Definition: texteditorkeymap.h:39
TextGrammarManager * grammarManager_
The grammar manager.
Definition: edbee.h:69
DynamicVariables * environmentVariables_
The (dynamic) environment variables.
Definition: edbee.h:72
void init()
initializes the engine on startup
Definition: edbee.cpp:165
void autoShutDownOnAppExit()
Call this method to automaticly shutdown the texteditor manager on shutdown (This method listens to t...
Definition: edbee.cpp:215
void autoInit()
This method automaticly initializes the edbee library it this hasn&#39;t already been done...
Definition: edbee.cpp:88
The codec manager is used for managing codecs You shouldnt&#39; instantiatie this class, it&#39;s better to access the codec manager instantiated via the edbee::Edbee.
Definition: textcodec.h:18
TextGrammarManager * grammarManager()
Returns the grammar manager used by all editors The grammar manager is used for sharing the different...
Definition: edbee.cpp:255
This class is used to manage all &#39;grammers&#39; used by the lexers.
Definition: textgrammar.h:157
bool inited_
This method is set to true if the manager is inited.
Definition: edbee.h:59
QString themePath_
The path to load all themes from.
Definition: edbee.h:62